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The Midwest Chiropractic Center (MCC) is a friendly and caring clinic. By working with our partners at the MIDWEST HEALTH CENTER, we are able to provide comprehensive care for your Chiropractic, Rehabilitative, or Fitness needs. The staff at MCC cares about your health; we would be happy to help you too!


“All people heal from Above, Down, Inside, Out.
The healing power came from our Creator and is within us.
Our Mission is to remove any interference to the body’s ability to heal from the inside out.
The power that made the body, heals the body, it happens no other way.”
~ Midwest Chiropractic Center



Robert R. Schuck, DC

Robert R. Schuck, DC


Robert R. Schuck, DC grew up in Parkersburg, IA and completed his undergraduate requirements at the University of Northern Iowa from 1993-1995.
After moving to Tonganoxie, KS, he attended Cleveland Chiropractic College, …




Chiropractor Doing Adjustment


At Midwest Chiropractic Center
we care abour overall wellness, not just your treatment sessions.

That’s why we believe in the Three Phases of Care.




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